Top 5 Ways Your Kids Can Help with Thanksgiving Dinner


Planning and Preparation

This Thanksgiving, plan a meal that incorporates traditional dishes and kid-friendly fare that everyone around the table will enjoy. A few days in advance of the meal, poll children to find out what special side dishes they would like to eat. For instance, should the sweet potatoes be served as fries, in soufflé form or both? Kids may be more likely to eat a veggie or two at this year's dinner if they pick them out themselves.

Once the menu is planned, older children can pen a grocery list while children of all ages can help scour the grocery store for the various items and load up the shopping cart. Even dessert, which is usually controversy-free, can turn up little noses at Thanksgiving time. Seasonal sweets, such as pecan, mince and pumpkin pies, are more suited for adult palates. So, in addition to one or two of these traditional favorites, have children select a more kid-friendly dessert recipe, such as pumpkin cheesecake with whipped cream on top.