5 Ways to Eat Ramen for Dinner

Crunchy Ramen Noodle Cole Slaw

This dish is great because it gives a new twist to a tried-and-tried standard, and it also uses ramen noodles in their purest form -- hard and crunchy. If you've ever nibbled on raw spaghetti noodles, you'll appreciate this recipe.

With this dish, you use pre-packaged coleslaw as your base, mixed with the flavored seasoning included in the package of ramen noodles. Use an apple cider vinegar or something along that line to mix the seasoning in with the coleslaw, just enough to make the slaw a little moist and spread the seasoning throughout. Throw in some nuts, typically sunflower seeds or almonds, and then just before serving, toss the coleslaw salad with the crunchy ramen noodles. And, here's a little trick -- before adding in the noodles, break them up in the bag. A meat tenderizer, small hammer or even a can of soup rolled over the bag of uncooked noodles will do the trick. Take out a little frustration while you're at it!

The result is a tasty coleslaw salad with an added crunch that is oddly satisfying.

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