5 Ways to Eat Ramen for Dinner

Chili Ramen

Moving on from Italian to Latin, we have the ramen twist on chili. Some people eat chili plain or garnished with tortilla chips, but if you want a hearty, filling dish, especially on a cold winter's day, serve it over pasta. Enter the ramen noodles.

There are a million variations on chili, so use your own creative license with this recipe. A good foundation is either beef-flavored or chicken-flavored ramen, but if you want to go vegetarian, you have that ramen option as well.

The simplest of all versions is to add the ramen seasoning to pre-made chili and spice it up with onions or peppers. Serve it with cheese over the cooked ramen noodles, some tortilla chips and you're set. But, if you're more imaginative in the kitchen, cook up your own chicken or beef using chili or taco seasoning, add the ramen seasoning, beans, tomatoes onions, peppers, corn, cumin, garlic -- the list is endless. Chili is a catch-all for anything in your pantry or refrigerator.

Serve it all over those wonderfully curly ramen noodles, garnished with sour cream and cheese, and you're sure to have a satisfied crowd.

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