5 Ways to Lighten Up Holiday Side Dishes

Mashed Potatoes

What would a holiday meal be without the mashed potatoes? Yes, they're delicious, but because of their high milk and butter content, they're also one of the most fattening dishes on your holiday table. To cut fat without sacrificing flavor, try switching from whole milk to skim, or use equal amounts of each. Consider using fat-free sour cream in place of butter to create a creamy texture and add flavor. Swap butter and salt for fresh garlic or Parmesan cheese to create a unique taste with a fraction of the calories [source: Cain].

To really lighten up your holiday mashed potatoes, switch your plain white potatoes for a healthier alternative. Mashed sweet potatoes or cauliflower will have a similar taste and texture, but are lower in calories and contain higher levels of nutrients.

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