5 Ways to Use Avocados

Add them to an Omelette

You're probably familiar with avocado as an ingredient in cold dishes like dips, salads and sandwiches, but you can add it to warm dishes, too. Avocado and Cheese Stuffed Enchiladas, Spanish Rice with Avocado and avocado soup are all hot dishes that benefit from the creamy texture and mild flavor of avocado. When paired with cilantro and a little cumin, it's a marriage of smooth, spicy and just a hint of sweet.

For a homemade example of the way avocado can transform a classic, try adding avocado to a simple Three Egg Omelette. It can be substituted for some of the cheese requirement and adds just the right consistency to make omelette filling moist but not runny. Avocado tastes great with bacon, chorizo, linguica (Portuguese sausage), shrimp, mushrooms, tomatoes, onion and asparagus. Once you've tried it once or twice, start adding ingredients for a meal worthy of a Champagne brunch.

Here are a few tips for adding avocado to an omelette:

  • Have the avocado prepped and ready to go before you start the omelette. Eggs cook fast and aren't forgiving.
  • Here's a great avocado dicing trick: Split an avocado with a sharp knife, and remove the pit. Make slits in the meat at about half inch intervals, and then make another series of slits perpendicular to the first. Don't pierce the avocado skin. Now your avocado half will look like a grid. Push the skin from the back, and the diced segments will just fall into a bowl. It's pretty nifty and a lot less messy than the scoop method.
  • Include the avocado when you add the cheese. This will probably be the last step before folding the omelette in half. The hot top layer of egg will heat the avocado and melt the cheese.

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