5 Ways to Use Avocados

Stuff Them

We really couldn't leave this one out. Stuffing vegetables and fruits is a time honored way to expand the scope of what the average apple, mushroom, tomato, bell pepper -- or avocado -- has to offer. With avocado, though, stuffing can make a good meal a great one. Let's be honest, that tuna stuffed tomato looks beautiful, but is it a satisfying meal? Once you eat the tuna, what have you got? You're left with a tomato skin and not much else.

Stuffing an avocado is a different proposition altogether. Remember, the oil content in most avocados makes them pretty filling by themselves. Add shrimp, salmon, crab or smoked turkey and you have a meal with benefits. Top it off with bacon, cheese or croutons and that's about as delicious as any weekday lunch has a right to be. The tough outer skin of an avocado makes it a stable bowl for filling, and you can scoop out every little bit of the good stuff without fear of structural collapse. Now, that's bliss. You probably know how the stuffing thing is done, but try our Chicken Avocado Boat recipe anyway. It's heated, so you'll get the texture, flavor and some tummy-satisfying warmth, too.

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