5 Weeknight Meal Shortcuts

On any given weeknight, you're going to be exhausted from the day's events. See more pictures of easy weeknight meals.
Flying Colours Ltd./Getty Images

At the end of the day, most of us practically fall into bed. We're exhausted after a day full of responsibilities. Commuting, working, completing chores, taking children to extracurricular activities, helping with homework and bathing and bedding the kids seem to sap all our energy. Even more daunting is the fact that whole process is destined to repeat in just a few short hours. Add to that the pressure that we feel to provide healthy, homemade meals to our families, and the balancing act spontaneously combusts. Too often, when something has to give, mealtime takes a hit. While the occasional dinner out or drive-through stop is nothing to worry about, making these trips too often is neither healthy for the waistline nor the wallet. HowStuffWorks has come to the rescue of the weary, however. We've compiled a helpful list of weeknight meal shortcuts, designed to turn dinnertime back into the enjoyable (and delicious!) family experience it should be.