Budget Meals

Budget Meals are not only wallet friendly but they can be delicious too. Learn how to shop on a budget, substitute expensive ingredients for cheaper ones and everything in between to keep the green in your hand.


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How to Cook Light on a Budget

You don't have to do all your shopping at a high-priced, organic grocery store to cook healthy meals. What inexpensive ingredients can you make into light fare?

5 Tips for Cooking Restaurant Quality Food at Home

When the economy is in the toilet, there's no money to go out to a restaurant and eat a fine meal. So, you'll have to make gourmet meals at home. What are the chef's secrets?

Top 10 Healthy and Cheap Foods

You don't have to order food at the drive-through to stay on a budget. It's possible to eat healthy if you know what to buy at the grocery store. What are the cheapest, healthiest foods?

Is there a healthy kind of fast food?

With so much attention on food these days, many fast food restaurants are responding to consumer demand for healthier options. But some of those options can still be tricky when you're watching your waistline.

10 Healthy Frozen Meals

Quick meal options are a necessity for today's busy lifestyles and frozen meals are a great way to grab a quick bite. But just because they're fast, doesn't mean they have to be unhealthy.

How to make a $100 meal for $20

A dinner for two with salads, an appetizer, two entrees and a modest bottle of wine can get you into triple digits by the time you figure in tax and tip. Why not make it at home for a fraction of the cost?

10 Ways to Use a Potato

Baked potatoes always pair well with a juicy steak. But did you know that you can use the potato as a cold compress? Or to soothe a burn? Or to make a loaf of bread?

Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Food Commissaries

Food commissaries are often confused with cafeterias. While both offer food, a commissary is typically associated with two very different industries -- the military and the movies.

What makes certain foods so expensive?

A more expensive price tag usually indicates higher quality, but this isn't always the case when it comes to food products. So what does make it expensive? Here's the skinny on the price of certain foods.

10 Ways to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half

Eating at home is usually less expensive than eating out at a restaurant, but those grocery bills can certainly add up over time. We've come up with 10 tips that can help you reduce your bill, maybe by 50 percent.

How to Grocery Shop on the Cheap

Knowing how much money to spend on food is tough job for anyone in charge of managing the family budget. Groceries instead of restaurants will save you money, but what are some other ways?