Ultimate Guide to Campfire Cooking

Campfire Cooking Equipment

The most important things you'll need for campfire cooking are planning and patience. Utensils, pots, pans and modern camper-friendly kitchen supplies will not cook your meals for you. And, as avid campers know, something unexpected can always happen, so it's best to be prepared with a plan. Be sure to plan all of your meals ahead of time and ensure that ingredients can be kept cool if necessary. Measuring and separating ingredients, or cooking them so that they can simply be reheated, before you leave on your trip can be a big help [source: Love the Outdoors].

The most popular campfire cooking tool is the Dutch oven. The large, thick pot and lid are primarily used hanging from a tripod over the fire. However, you can also use a Dutch oven on a grill set up over the campfire or as a large serving bowl if you're camping with a group.

Most of the cooking equipment you'll nee­d can be found in the average kitchen, but make sure your kitchen supplies are durable enough to brave the great outdoors before you decide to bring them along. For instance, the wooden spoon you use at home is not a good idea for cooking over an open fire. Similarly, cast iron pots and pans are much better suited for the rigors of cooking in a fire pit. Although they may be bulkier and heavier to transport, the longer your cooking utensils are, the further your hands will be from the fire [source: Chuckwagon Diner].

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