Cuisine varies from one corner of the earth to the other. In this channel we will explore some different types of cuisines from French to Chinese and American to Mediterranean. Get inspired for your next meal with one of our cuisine menus.

See what Latin American recipes Digna Carpio, mother of a tween and sextuplets manager, whips up in the kitchen for her family.

Need a little ooh-la-la in your cooking? French cuisine may be one of the most sophisticated in the world, but that doesn't mean you can't turn out some French-inspired dishes from your suburban U.S. kitchen.

Most health magazines advocate turning up your nose at fat-laden dishes such as Kung Pao chicken. While Americanized Chinese food is known for its MSG content, authentic Chinese cooking is far better for you.

Thai cuisine is a testament to the marriage between religion and food. Buddhism's influence over the distinctive, flavorful elements used in Thai cooking allows for creative experimentation in the kitchen.

Italian cooking revolves around such staples as pasta, olive oil and hearty tomato sauce. It's as rustic as you want it to be. Who needs pizza delivery when you can master Italian cooking at home?

Italian food has always been popular, but today it includes more than just a plate of spaghetti. Learn about the different types of Italian cooking, and find out new ways to make old favorites.