Dinner Party Invitations

Kenn Gaither

To have a party, you first need to invite some guests. Here is a great way to personalize and hand-deliver your invitations:

Prepared by: Shawn Rabideau


Event Ergonomics LLC


Step 1:

Purchase a quantity of wine bottles to equal the number of invites you are delivering. You can purchase creative bottle holders at a container store.

Step 2: Design

Kenn Gaither

Step 2:

Use your computer skills to design your invite to look like a wine label. Include the time, date, place and RSVP.

Step 3: Print

Kenn Gaither

Step 3:

Print the invites on a cream-colored stock obtained from your local stationery store.

Step 4: Mark

Kenn Gaither

Step 4:

Use a ruler and pencil to mark where you will need to cut the invite.

Step 5: Cut

Kenn Gaither

Step 5:

Use a paper cutter to cut out the invites.

Step 6: Glue

Kenn Gaither

Step 6:

Take a glue stick and thoroughly cover the back of the invite.

Step 7: Label

Kenn Gaither

Step 7:

Carefully place the invite over the wine label.

Step 8: Fill

Kenn Gaither

Step 8:

Place the completed invitation into your desired bottle holder.

Step 9: Name Tags

Kenn Gaither

Step 9:

Create a name tag for the invite; adhere it to the bottle holder.

Step 10: Delivery

Kenn Gaither

Step 10:

Now you are ready to hand-deliver the invitations to your guests.