4 Fall Harvest Winery Dinner Party Ideas

Kenn Gaither |

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What better way to celebrate the changing seasons than a "wine harvest" dinner party? Creating this party is simple and requires only a few elements. Scale of difficulty: Easy to Moderate


  • Paper cutter
  • Hole puncher
  • Glue stick
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Computer
  • 6 wine splits
  • Casual dinner setting
  • Bread basket
  • CD player
  • Grapes
  • Bright flowers
  • Wine bottles
  • Paper
  • Grapevine balls
  • Napkins
  • 6 mini bottles of wine
  • Imagination


4. Invitations

First things first. Invite your closest friends. We've come up with a memorable and unique way to get your party-goers in the mood.

Create your own invitations!


3. Place Cards

We bought scraps of decorative paper from our local stationery store, cut them into 3 x 3 pieces, printed the names on the computer and accented them with a dry leaf.  Now you can assign your guests their seats.


2. Décor

Nothing says fall like falling leaves, pumpkins, and rich autumn colors.
Nothing says fall like falling leaves, pumpkins, and rich autumn colors.
Courtesy of Homemadesimple.com

Many people get anxious or simply don't have the time to create an attractive, inexpensive centerpiece; we're going to show you how.

We took an old bread basket and used it to create the base. You could use similar baskets as well. If you cannot find anything in your home, check for some at your local home-decorating store. Purchase materials such as grapevine balls, flowers, and purple and green grapes to create a centerpiece like the one shown here.


Tip: Gather all your supplies in one area so it will be easier for you to access everything when setting up for your party.

  1. Cover the table with a natural table linen.
  2. Create the centerpiece by placing the basket in the middle of the table. Arrange it by layering the elements. First the basket, then the grapevine balls, and next the grapes. Accent it with flowers.
  3. Lay out the place settings in a formal manner.
  4. Add the wine splits to the napkins and accent with a flower.
  5. Place a napkin with the wine split and flower on a decorative plate. Great idea: Not only does the wine split serve as decoration, it can also be a party favor for your guests to take home!
  6. Take your place cards and assign the seats.
  7. Crack open a bottle of wine and start the party!

1. Place Settings

Use your regular cutlery and dishware.

Tip: To spice things up, lay a smaller plate (with a different shape or color) on top of the main plate.