Great Traditional Brunch Foods

Brunch: Never a Dull Moment!
We were thinking of sharing a photo of black pudding, but we're not that cruel. Here's a cheerful little doughnut instead. Enjoy!

Like we mentioned on the last page, there are lots of brunch items that are fairly universal. Eggs, bacon, pancakes, hash browns, muffins, bagels, pastries, sausages, waffles and fruit are a few examples. Throw in a casserole, maybe a quiche, and you've got yourself a brunch spread to be proud of. Then there's the collection of staple beverages: OJ, coffee, fruit smoothies, and, of course, the ever-popular Bellini and the Bloody Mary.

But depending on where you are, you could end up with unique items on your plate courtesy of your locale. For example, New Englanders enjoying the excitement of a midmorning meal might decide to serve up some clam chowder to hungry guests. In the South, grits are a great favorite at the brunch table, along with hushpuppies and tall glasses of sweet iced tea. Swing over to the Southwest (passing through gumbo and jambalaya territory along the way) and those creamy grits could be swapped for some spicy chili. Head on up to the Northwest and you might find yourself snacking on some salmon or crab cakes. Back in the Midwest, someone whipping up brunch might toss some brats on the grill or whip out a plateful of cheese curds.

And what about those Brits we were discussing on the last page? Well, one item they sometimes serve at brunch is known as black pudding. Be warned: It is not for the faint of heart, so if your taste buds are not often described as "bold" or "insanely excited about eating animal components that would typically end up in the trash," we recommend you politely pass on this particular dish. British people have also been sighted loading up their plates with such foodstuffs as kippers and kidney pie. Again, always tread carefully if you happen to find yourself in unfamiliar territory come brunch time.

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