Holiday Foods

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From figgy pudding and fruitcake to tender turkey, discover some very filling food facts as you test your Christmas food trivia knowledge. See more pictures of holiday noshes.
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When the holiday season rolls around, so do cooler temperatures, twinkling lights and a mountain of delicious holiday foods. When the last leaf has fallen and when the thermostat crinkles, it's time to pour the hot chocolate and place the sugar cookies on the living room table.

If you want to warm up, try a piping hot peppermint coco or throw a holiday cookie exchange. The holiday season always brings out the best in culinary creativity, so check out these articles for tips and advice on holiday foods and holiday festivities:


Christmas Cooking Questions

Cooking for one or one hundred on Christmas? Check out this article for answers to your Christmas cooking questions.

Food Safety Tips

Lots of food means lots of opportunities for injuries in the kitchen. Read up on food safety tips this holiday season.

Holiday Beverage Questions

Nothing says the holiday season like a cup of eggnog or a steaming mug of hot chocolate. Check out answers to holiday beverage questions here.

Holiday Cooking Tips

Don't want to bother with caterers this year? Learn how to cook up your own holiday feast with the tips in this article.

Leftover Questions

There's no question about it -- the holiday season invariably equals ample leftovers. Learn how to dress them up and store them properly in this article.

Party Planning Questions and Tips

Find out how to throw the ultimate holiday bash from start to finish using the tips and answers in this article.

Potluck Questions and Tips

This year have your guests do the cooking! Learn how to throw a successful potluck that will leave your guests stuffed until next year.

Questions about Making Cookies

Want to get those edges perfectly brown but still stay soft in the center? Check out these questions and answers on how to make delicious cookies for the holidays.

Tips for Cooking Meat

Whether you're serving up a roast pig, a deep-fried turkey or a turdunken this year, check out these tips on the best way to cook up your holiday meats.

Turkey Questions

Thanksgiving isn't the only time for a little gobble gobble. Check out common turkey questions and answers in this article.

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