How to Eat Out Low-Carb

Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and Indian Restaurants

©2006 Publications International, Ltd. If you want carb-friendly foods, Asian restaurants are the way to go.

Eating out is a lot of fun, especially when the fare is Asian or Indian. Fortunately, Asian and Indian restaurants offer plenty of low-carb options. Here's a look:

Low-Carb Asian Food

Whether you opt for Japanese, Chinese, or Thai, Asian restaurants are a mecca for healthy carbohydrate dining. Many of the dishes are built around seafood, vegetables, and soy protein (such as tofu), and the chances of finding noodles made from whole grains or alternatives to white flour are much greater. Some Chinese restaurants even offer brown rice instead of white.

If sushi is one of your favorites, don't worry about the small amount of white rice accompanying the fish. The protein and heart-healthy fats in the fish slow down the absorption of the carbohydrate, and the total amount of rice isn't that significant unless you eat sushi by the boatload.

Choose dishes that are vegetable-heavy, with small amounts of protein added for flavor. If you've wanted to taste tofu but were never quite sure how to prepare it, Asian restaurants are the place to give it a try. You can experience this wonderfood prepared in a variety of delicious ways while reaping the health benefits of soy protein: fiber, healthy carbohydrates, and plenty of phytonutrients.

Low-Carb Indian Food

Whether you've been dying to try Indian food or have long been a fan, healthy carbohydrate selections await. The third most popular cuisine in the world is much more than curry dishes, the first dish that comes to the mind of many Westerners when considering Indian food. The rich, complex blends of spices add the depth and flavor so unique and crucial to Indian cuisine.

Vegetarian dishes are plentiful, particularly in southern India. Meat dishes are more common in the north, particularly the healthfully prepared tandoori chicken, fish, and meats, which are marinated in herbs and baked quickly at high temperatures in a clay oven. Dishes prepared with yogurt, lentils, and flours made from ground beans such as garbanzo; roasted meats, chicken, or fish with vegetable sauces; and an abundance of fruit, both tropical and temperate, are all good carbohydrate choices.

Keep reading to learn about the best low-carb choices at Mexican, Mediterranean, Italian, and Middle Eastern restaurants.


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