How to Enjoy the Holidays as a Diabetic

Learn how to enjoy holiday eating, even as a diabetic.See more pictures of enlightened desserts.
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The holidays can be a challenging time of year for people who are trying to watch what they eat. If you have diabetes, the challenge becomes even greater. Don't despair, though.

This article offers plenty of suggestions on how to enjoy all of your favorite holiday treats while still sticking to your diet. You'll find information on:

Healthful Holiday Eating

Learn food-preparation techniques, such as substituting apple cider for butter or fat when basting a turkey, and tips like eating a small snack before dinner so you won't overdo it at mealtime. This section also includes helpful suggestions on how to throw a healthful holiday party for children with diabetes. You'll be ready to face the holidays with gusto after reading this!

Diabetes and Drinking

People with diabetes -- as well as people who don't have the disease -- should always be mindful of their alcohol intake. The holidays can be a greater challenge thanks to eggnog, champagne, and the overall holiday revelry. This section provides a helpful chart that lists the calorie carbohydrate counts of many popular drinks.

Creating an Elegant Holiday Feast

Just because it's the holidays doesn't mean you can't eat healthy food. This section offers an incredible menu for a holiday feast, complete with delectable appetizers, a mouth-watering entree (including side dishes), and even a calorie-conscious dessert. Included are links to diabetic holiday recipes and a handy shopping list that will make your prep work go smoothly.

Let's first take a look at some helpful ways to find holiday foods that are both good to eat and good for you. You'll find this information on the next page.