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How to Enjoy the Holidays as a Diabetic

Creating an Elegant Holiday Feast

Prepare an elegant holiday feast with our diabetes recipes. You're sure to have a holiday dinner party everyone will love!
Prepare an elegant holiday feast with our diabetes recipes. You're sure to have a holiday dinner party everyone will love!
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Who doesn't love to be the host or hostess with the mostest? Especially during the holiday season, entertaining for friends and family offers huge rewards.

First, when you cook the food, you know you can eat and enjoy (from both a health and pleasure standpoint) without reservation. For anyone on a special diet, a holiday invitation is something that is truly better to give than to receive.


Second, when you give a holiday dinner party you can indulge your creative fancy: from food that looks beautiful and tastes fabulous to a pretty table or buffet (even if you're only using color-coordinated paper plates and napkins).

Special touches may include candles in profusion, handwritten place cards with a special message for each guest, or an extra wine glass at every plate filled with water and a single floating flower.

Third, and best of all, you can dazzle everyone with your savoir faire -- provided you plan and cook ahead in order to enjoy your own party. (And who hasn't slaved over the proverbial hot stove all holiday long and wound up feeling more frazzled than festive?)

This special holiday meal has been designed to neatly sidestep any final frenzy. From the shopping list to the game plan, you can prepare in advance the hors d'oeuvres, salad dressing, and dessert while the game hens are marinating in tandoori-style spices.

On the day of the party the only work left is to set the table or the buffet -- this meal can be served both as a sit-down dinner or buffet style. Then prepare the Vegetable Rice Confetti while the game hens are roasting. Around this time, just unmold the elegant Strawberry Bavarian Deluxe, garnish, and refrigerate. At dinner time, toss the salad, plate the entree, and voila! Dinner is served. When the meal is finished, the dessert comes onstage as the grand finale.

The recipes for this dinner are generally low in sodium, carbs, fat, and cholesterol (if you remove the poultry skin after it's cooked), and high in fiber. And, because you will surely want to enjoy a serving of Strawberry Bavarian Deluxe, you'll want to adjust your carb consumption so you can fit it into your meal plan.

So if you follow the game plan below, you'll be the host or hostess with the most finesse and the least stress.

Game Plan

Day before the party:

  • Go shopping.
  • Marinate game hens; refrigerate overnight.
  • Make all hors d'oeuvres; arrange on serving plates; refrigerate overnight.
  • Make Strawberry Bavarian Deluxe; refrigerate overnight.
  • Mix salad dressing; refrigerate covered.

Day of the party:

  • Set table or buffet.
  • When guests arrive lay out hors d'oeuvres.
  • Bake game hens.
  • Make Vegetable Confetti Rice.
  • Unmold Strawberry Bavarian Deluxe; refrigerate.
  • Toss salad with dressing; plate salads.
  • Garnish Strawberry Bavarian; return to refrigerator.
  • Serve meal buffet style or on individual plates for seated dinner.
  • Serve dessert at the table.
  • Make coffee and/or tea.

Don't let your diabetic restrictions restrict your holiday fun and feasting. There are plenty of ways to still enjoy all the delicacies of the season while staying in tune to your diet and your body.

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