Planning a Gluten-free Thanksgiving

Pies and Beyond
You can have your pie (or torte) and eat it, too -- as long as it's gluten-free.
You can have your pie (or torte) and eat it, too -- as long as it's gluten-free.

Traditionalists can have their pie, with two caveats. First (you knew it): the crust must be made with either gluten-free flour (which some people say makes it flakier) or a non-flour substitute, like ground nuts or oats. You could also forego the crust completely: instead, serve pumpkin pie as pumpkin custard.

Second: fillings must be thickened with a gluten-free starch. Cornstarch, tapioca or gluten-free flour may work in homemade pies, depending on the recipe. Check store-bought mixes or fillings for wheat starch in the ingredients list. Again, you can dodge the thickener issue entirely with pecan pie.

Feeling ambitious? Try a flourless torte, a mousselike cake of ground nuts, eggs and butter. Stuff a pumpkin shell with its cooked flesh, mashed and mixed with chopped apples, raisin and nuts, and sweetened with maple syrup. Cook fruits with sugar into a fudgy, Middle Eastern halva. Top a meringue shell with fruit for the Australian specialty, pavlova.

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