Mesquite-Grilled Salmon Fillets

Mesquite-Grilled Salmon Fillet

Mesquite-Grilled Salmon Fillet


Makes 4 servings


2 tablespoons olive oil
1 clove garlic, minced
2 tablespoons lemon juice
1 teaspoon grated lemon peel
1/2 teaspoon dried dill weed
1/2 teaspoon dried thyme
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
4 salmon fillets, 3/4 to 1 inch thick (about 5 ounces each)


  1. Cover 1 cup mesquite chips with cold water; soak 20 to 30 minutes. Spray grid with nonstick cooking spray. Prepare grill for direct cooking.
  2. Combine oil and garlic in small microwavable bowl. Microwave on HIGH 1 minute or until garlic is tender. Add lemon juice, lemon peel, dill, thyme, salt and pepper; whisk until blended. Brush skinless sides of salmon with half of lemon mixture.
  3. Drain mesquite chips; sprinkle chips over coals. Place salmon, skin side up, on grid. Grill, covered, over medium-high heat 4 to 5 minutes; turn and brush with remaining lemon mixture. Grill 4 to 5 minutes or until salmon flakes when tested with fork.

Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 1 Salmon Fillet
Calories 322
Calories from Fat 63 %
Total Fat 22 g
Saturated Fat 4 g
Cholesterol 83 mg
Carbohydrate 1 g
Fiber <1 g
Protein 28 g
Sodium 230 mg

Dietary Exchange

Meat 4
Fat 2

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