Makes 24 to 28 servings


2 (10-inch) bundt cakes
2-1/2 cups prepared white frosting
1 (40X20-inch) cake board, covered
Gumballs, assorted candies and red licorice twist


  1. Cut one bundt cake in half. Cut second Bundt cake in quarters; set aside two quarters for another use.
  2. Tint frosting light purple.
  3. Frost two bundt cake halves with frosting, covering all sides of cake except two cut surfaces on each half. Frost two bundt cake quarters with frosting, covering all sides of cake except one cut surface on each quarter.
  4. Stand two bundt cake halves on their cut surfaces, positioning them end to end in center of prepared cake board. Place bundt cake quarters, unfrosted cut surfaces down, on either side of bundt cake halves to resemble Loch Ness monster's head and tail as desired.
  5. Decorate monster with gumballs, assorted candies and licorice as desired.

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