5 Vegan Cheese Options That Pass Cheese-Lover Muster

John Foxx/Getty Images
John Foxx/Getty Images

For anyone going vegan, one of the toughest things to give up can be cheese. It's a double challenge of not only giving up some really tasty and common cheese options, it also means having to experiment with finding cheese-like alternatives, many of which don't even come close to being a suitable replacement.

When I decided to go vegan for environmental reasons, I threw a Farewell to Cheese party with friends. I delighted for the last time in six different varieties of favorite cheeses, and the next day I was lucky enough to pick up a copy of Vegetarian Times and see a fellow cheese addict lending some much needed advice.

Hillari Dowdle is a cheeseaholic who went vegan. For someone with such an affinity for cheese, vegan options could be extra unsatisfying. However, she held her own cheese-centric party with friends, this one a taste test for what vegan options are up to snuff for even the pickiest of palates. Here's what she recommends: