Paradise Punch

Paradise Punch

Paradise Punch

Episode 69: Meritt's Menu


Serves 2


2 small pineapples
4 passion fruits
1 guava
Crushed ice
2 cups/460 ml sparkling apple cider


  1. Cut the tops off of the pineapples. Using a pineapple slicer, remove the flesh from the two pineapples, keeping the pineapple rinds intact. Transfer the pineapple slices and juices to a blender and set the pineapple casings aside. Scoop the flesh and seeds from the passion fruit and guava and add them to the pineapple mixture in the blender.
  2. Blend until a smooth, thick puree forms. Strain the puree through a fine meshed strainer and into a pitcher. Discard the solids from the strainer.
  3. Fill the pineapple casings halfway with crushed ice.  Divide half of the strained juices between the pineapple casings.  Add ½ cup/115 ml of sparkling cider to each pineapple casing and stir to blend.
  4. Serve with umbrella straws. Replenish the pineapple casings as desired with more ice, strained juices and apple cider.

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