Ranch Dressing: Delicious, Ubiquitous and Slightly Mysterious

Are your baby carrots heavy on the health but light on flavor? Is that salad blasé? What about those under-flavored chicken wings, that boring baked potato, this cold slice of pizza? To millions of people in the U.S. and Canada, the solution to these culinary problems and more lies in one thing, and one thing only:

Ranch dressing.

Though virtually unknown in many parts of the world, ranch is the unopposed king of salad dressing in the States. People seem to put it on or in everything — there's even a ranch-flavored soda! Ranch straddles the line between salad dressing and condiment, slathered on everything from veggies to pickles and tacos. There are entire restaurants dedicated to the singular flavor.

 Ranch has become an inextricable (some might say 'inexplicable') part of American culture. People get weird with ranch, using it as a flavoring for ice cream and, in one case, charging $1,000 for a  bottle

But... what is it, exactly? How did it get that name? Most importantly, what creates that tangy, salty flavor?

In the video above, we answer the question once and for all. We also explore the origin story of ranch, how the ingredients have evolved and whether the ranch you buy in grocery stores tastes the same as the original Hidden Valley ranch dressing. Tune in and let us know: Are you a fan of ranch? Is there any food you think doesn't go well with ranch?

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