Sheriffs Best Shot Sandwiches

Sheriff's Best Shot Sandwiches

Sheriff's Best Shot Sandwiches


Makes 12 servings


1 tub (8 ounces) chive and onion cream cheese spread
1/3 cup chopped roasted red peppers
14 (1-inch long) baby dill pickles
24 slices (2-inches square) cocktail rye or pumpernickel bread
4 slices deli ham
4 slices deli turkey
4 slices American, Muenster or Swiss cheese


  1. Mound cream cheese in center of a large serving platter. Cover with red peppers. Reserve 2 baby pickles to slice. Insert remaining pickles into cream cheese to resemble cactus.
  2. Top 4 bread slices with ham; 4 with turkey and 4 with cheese. Use 2-inch cookie cutter in shape of heart or sheriff's badge to cut shapes out of each sandwich. Cut plain bread into same shapes. Arrange around platter. Slice 2 reserved pickles crosswise into narrow circles; place 1 slice in center of each sandwich.
  3. To serve, allow guests to top each sandwich with a spoonful of cream cheese and peppers and cover with bread cutouts.

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