How Soylent Works

Ordering a Supply of Soylent
Soylent devotees trade recipe tweaks like adding berries, cocoa powder or even just plain ol' sugar to add a bit of flavor.
Soylent devotees trade recipe tweaks like adding berries, cocoa powder or even just plain ol' sugar to add a bit of flavor.

As of April 2015, Soylent is available only in the United States through its official website. Orders come in seven-, 14- and 28-pouch increments. The cost ranges between $70 and $300 an order, depending on the quantity and subscription discounts [source: Soylent].

To figure out how much to order, you need to determine two things: how many calories you need each day and how many of them you want to ingest from Soylent. You'll get the most accurate idea of your calorie needs from a dietitian, but you can get in the right ballpark with Soylent's online calculator, which estimates your daily calorie target based on age, weight, height, gender, lifestyle and goals.

Next, decide how often you're planning to consume Soylent: Are you just going to slug down a glass of the beige stuff when you wake up in the morning, or are you going to bid farewell to solid food? (Also, keep in mind that sealed Soylent pouches last more than a year.) If you're a 30-year-old, 180-pound (81.6-kilogram) male who exercises four times a week and you want to maintain your weight while eating Soylent for a week straight, for example, you'd need 2,574 calories a day or 18,018 calories a week — equivalent to just over nine Soylent pouches.

Your first order should arrive within four weeks and includes a 64-ounce (1.9 liter) pitcher and a 4.5-fluid-ounce (133-milliliter) measuring scoop. Preparing a full day's worth of Soylent takes seconds, but remember to refrigerate it and drink it all within 48 hours. Here's the rundown [source: Soylent]:

  1. Fill the pitcher halfway with water (about 0.42 gallons, or 1.6 liters). For the best taste, use filtered or distilled water.
  2. Pour in the Soylent powder, seal the pitcher and shake for 30 seconds.
  3. Open the pitcher, top off with water and shake again to eliminate the remaining powder clumps.
  4. Refrigerate the mixture to 41 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius) or below before serving, or pour over ice if serving immediately.
  5. If you're preparing a smaller amount on its own, use the scoop to prepare Soylent at a ratio of one part Soylent to two parts water. Combine using a spoon, shaker bottle or blender.

Now that we have a working understanding of the basics of Soylent, let's find out what the experts have to say about it.