Speedy Pineapple-Lime Sorbet

Speedy Pineapple-Lime Sorbet

Speedy Pineapple-Lime Sorbet


Makes 8 servings


1 ripe pineapple, cut into cubes (about 4 cups)
1/3 cup frozen limeade concentrate, thawed
1 to 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice
1 teaspoon freshly grated lime peel


  1. Arrange pineapple in single layer on large baking sheet; freeze at least 1 hour or until very firm.*
  2. Combine frozen pineapple, limeade, lime juice and lime peel in food processor; cover and process until smooth and fluffy. If mixture doesn't become smooth and fluffy, let stand 30 minutes to soften slightly; repeat processing. Serve immediately.


This dessert is best if served immediately, but it can be made ahead, stored in the freezer and then softened several minutes before being served.

Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 1/2 cup sorbet
Calories 56
Calories from Fat 5 %
Total Fat <1 g
Saturated Fat <1 g
Carbohydrate 15 g
Fiber 1 g
Protein <1 g
Sodium 1 mg

Dietary Exchange

Fruit 1

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