Steamed Maryland Crabs

Steamed Maryland Crabs

Steamed Maryland Crabs


Makes 4 servings


2 cups water or beer
2 cups cider vinegar or white vinegar
2 dozen live Maryland blue crabs
1/2 pound seafood seasoning
1/2 pound salt


  1. Place water and vinegar in 10-gallon stockpot. Place steaming rack in bottom of pot. Place half of crabs on rack. Mix seafood seasoning with salt; sprinkle half over crabs.
  2. Repeat layering with remaining crabs and seasoning mixture.
  3. Cover pot. Cook over high heat until liquid begins to steam. Steam about 25 minutes or until crabs turn red and meat is white. Remove crabs to large serving platter, using tongs.
  4. To serve, cover table with disposable paper cloth.
  5. To pick crabs, place crab on its back. With thumb or knife point, pry off "apron" flap (the "pull tab"-looking shell in the center) and discard.
  6. Lift off top shell and discard.
  7. Break off toothed claws and set aside. With knife edge, scrape off 3 areas of lungs and debris over hard semi-transparent membrane covering edible crabmeat.
  8. Hold crab at each side; break apart at center. Discard legs. Remove membrane cover with knife, exposing large chunks of meat; remove with fingers or knife.
  9. Crack claws with mallet or knife handle to expose meat.

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