Thanksgiving Turkey Cake

Thanksgiving Turkey Cake

Thanksgiving Turkey Cake

Nothing says Thanksgiving like a turkey, and this cake does a great job of bringing the holiday icon to the dessert course. Note that you need to use a #126 rose tip for all the colors called for here, so you will need several bags and rose tips. If you don't have enough tips, you do not need to use every color called for, although the more colors you use, the better your turkey will look. See the step-by-step decorating slideshow.

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Makes one 8-inch Bundt cake


1 Bundt cake in the flavor of your choosing, 8 inches in diameter and 3 inches deep
Chocolate Fudge Frosting in a pastry bag fitted with the #6 star tip
6 cups white, red, black, yellow, brown and orange Decorator's Buttercream, each in its own pastry bag fitted with the #126 rose tip
1/4 cup black Decorator's Buttercream in a parchment pencil


  1. Fill the cake: Pipe the cake full of fudge frosting.
  2. Shape the turkey: Use a serrated knife to cut the cake at one edge where the central hole meets the cake. Set the larger piece of the cake, frosting side down, on a doily-lined cardboard circle on your turntable. Pipe a dab of white buttercream and seal the small piece in place in front of the larger piece. Pipe white buttercream over any gaps between the two sections to create a smooth working surface.
  3. Pipe the plumage: Pipe red buttercream around the high, open end of the turkey in a ruffle pattern. Moving toward the lower, narrower front end of the cake, pipe a ruffled black ring in front of the red, overlapping slightly. Continue in this way, piping overlapping ruffled rings of white, yellow, brown and orange frosting, until you have reached the very front (narrow end) of the cake, starting over with red if necessary. Be sure to finish with white at the very front of the cake. Then cover over the open back of the cake, (that is, where the frosting shows) with overlapping layers of frosting, ideally, orange, white, red and black.
  4. Feather the frosting: Pull the edge of a cake icing spatula through the frosting at 1-inch intervals, starting at the back center-top of the cake and pulling all the way forward to the narrow, lower front to create a feathered effect in the icing
  5. Pipe the break and comb: Using the white buttercream, pull up and out from the bottom front of the cake to make a beak. Use the red buttercream to pipe the comb. Use the parchment pencil to pipe the eyes.

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