10 Creative Cupcake Decorating Techniques


Use Candy, All Sizes Big and Small

A mini candy cane adds a touch of holiday flair to a cupcake.
A mini candy cane adds a touch of holiday flair to a cupcake.
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For as much candy as there is in the world, there are just as many ways to garnish cupcakes. A layer of frosting is like a blank canvas. Carefully apply individual pieces of candy like M&Ms or Skittles around the outer edges, or use them to form a shape (kids love smiley faces, hearts and flowers). If candy is too delicate or small to handle easily with your fingers, try applying with tweezers. Don't dismiss the almighty candy bar because of its size: Use a food processor or cleaned-out coffee grinder to pulverize it into chunks for a tasty garnish. (You can also put it in a sealable bag and smash it with a can or wooden mallet.) The best part about using candy as a garnish is that it comes in all sorts of seasonal shapes, colors and flavors, which makes it easy to coordinate your cupcakes to your party's theme. For example, jellybeans make great decoration for Easter cupcakes, and candy corn looks autumnal for Halloween or harvest cupcakes.