10 Creative Cupcake Decorating Techniques


Top with Toys and Figurines

Embellishing cupcakes with miniature toys and figurines is a sure way to delight the most discerning dessert lovers -- kids! Find miniature G.I. Joe warriors, paper umbrellas or plastic jewelry at dollar stores or toy outlets. You can use them to establish a theme, like pretty princess or superheroes. Cupcakes can even be an innovative way to present party favors; an inexpensive toy ring or necklace presented on a cupcake could be quite a hit at a little girl's birthday party. Fool around with toy placement to determine whether it looks best centered or cockeyed and cascading over the side. Items stand out best against a frosting backdrop that's a contrasting color. Before serving up any cupcakes with toy toppers, be sure that everyone knows the toys aren't edible!