10 Creative Cupcake Decorating Techniques


Achieve Professional-quality Frosting

Let's be honest: Taste always trumps looks. But you can have the best of both worlds so that your cupcakes appeal to the eyes and the palate. Once you've nailed a cupcake recipe, you're ready to tackle decorating techniques to make your dessert look as great as it tastes. One tool that can help you embellish like an expert is a decorating bag, which comes in reusable, disposable or parchment triangle versions. Experiment with which one feels best for you. Tip sizes vary and can help you create everything from scalloped edges to rose petals and much more. Also, did you know there are loads of different types of icing? From smooth and stiff buttercream to fluffy whipped versions of meringue frostings, you can select the right kind for the look and taste you want to achieve.