10 Essentials for Crock-Pot Recipes


Pick a Pot

The key to easy meals in hours is the pot. Slow cookers use time, low heat and moisture to tenderize and add flavor to food. Through the wonder of electricity, and sometimes electronics, meats, sauces and vegetables are cooked for long periods in a controlled environment. This is grandma's cooking on your schedule. The results are fall off the bone tender dishes that transform tough cuts of meat into mouth watering entrees.

All slow cookers aren't created equal, so invest in a unit that will make your life as easy as possible. Look for these features:

  • Choose a slow cooker with electronic controls that will step the temperature down on a preset schedule. That way you can keep dishes warm if you're late getting home.
  • Pick a unit that has a dishwasher safe pot and lid.
  • Look for slow cookers with locking lids that will take the hassle out of transporting your dishes.
  • Invest in a cooker with touch pad controls. This feature is a little more expensive, but with no knobs, it's easy to use and keep clean.