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The most important grilling tool is the grill itself.
The most important grilling tool is the grill itself.

When it comes to grilling tools, nothing is more important than the grill itself. One of the most hotly contested debates is over the benefits of charcoal versus gas grills. Nothing can match the taste and aroma of food cooked over charcoal, though charcoal grills are much more difficult and time-consuming to use. Gas grills offer a quick and easy way to get your cookout started, but lack the rich smoked flavor of charcoal grilling [source: Adler].

No matter which of these technologies you prefer, it's important to balance style and function when selecting your grill. Look for a unit that's the right size to feed all your guests, and make sure the grill you choose has a hinged lid to provide for fast and thorough cooking. Gas grills should be capable of 30,000 to 50,000 BTUs to ensure sufficient heat and power [source: Fine Living].

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