Top 10 Grilling Tools



Keep those meats juicy by saucing them up.
Keep those meats juicy by saucing them up.

Grilling brushes are used for adding sauces and marinades to food as you cook. Look for units that can soak up the sauce and hold it as you transfer it to the grill. Silicone bristles are great at holding large quantities of sauce, and are also heat-resistant and easy to clean [source: Lang]. Choose steel brushes to minimize the risk of fire, and look for long-handled units that can reach across the entire grill.

If you'd rather just toss your brushes after you've used them a few times to minimize clean up, grilling expert Bobby Flay suggests using regular paint brushes from the hardware store [source: Flay]. These brushes are more affordable than fancy grilling tools and can be disposed of and replaced regularly. Don't forget to have several brushes on hand to avoid mixing flavors.