Top 10 Grilling Tools


Wire Brush

One of the most popular myths in grilling is that you should never clean a grill. Not only can this ruin the taste of your food, but it's an easy way to spread germs and make your meal unsafe. Grills should be cleaned after every barbecue using a stiff wire brush [source: Flay]. By brushing the grill when it's still warm, you'll have a much easier time removing baked-on food and sauce before they dry. To remove any excess material that was left behind from your last cookout, use your wire brush to clean your grill once more before each use [source: Schlesinger].

Look for stiff wire brushes, and plan to replace them often. Stainless steel or bronze bristles tend to be the most heavy-duty, though almost any brush will work well if you clean while the grill is still hot.