10 Meals to Make from Leftovers


Leftover Bread

Use your leftover bread to make a yummy breakfast.
Use your leftover bread to make a yummy breakfast.
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With an abundance of leftover bread, you can cook up some delicious breakfasts and desserts. For example, make a "morning after" French toast. Don't limit yourself to just white bread -- leftover pumpkin, zucchini and nut bread all make excellent French toast. Top with some crushed fruit for an extra treat.

Once called "poor man's pudding," bread pudding was invented for the purpose of using up stale, leftover bread. However, the dessert treat is actually quite rich and delicious. Bread pudding consists of torn up or cubed stale bread, baked in a mixture of butter, sugar, milk, eggs and fruit. Many people also make a rich sauce to accompany the pudding, such as bourbon or caramel.

You can also dice up your stale bread, coat it with olive oil and place it in the oven to make homemade croutons. Or, tear up the bread and throw it in your food processor to make bread crumbs.