10 Meals to Make from Leftovers

Leftover Cheese
Mac and cheese -- a kid's favorite.
Mac and cheese -- a kid's favorite.
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If you need to use up a bunch of cheese before it spoils, try some of these ideas:

Macaroni and cheese is a favorite with kids and adults alike. You can use gourmet cheese for an adult flavor, or regular American for the kids in your life. Why not throw in some of that leftover ham or ground beef, too?

If you're feeling kitschy, you can make a cheese fondue. Pull out your fondue pot, grab some white wine, cheese, garlic and cornstarch. Use your warm fondue as a dip for crusty bread, apples or whatever else seems yummy.

Fromage Fort is another popular cheesy option. Just run your leftover cheese through the food processor along with some white wine, garlic cloves and black pepper. You'll be left with a rich, creamy paste that you can spread on a baguette and toasted under the broiler until bubbly.

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