10 Tips for Grilling in Inclement Weather

Think Bigger

As the popularity of year-round grilling has grown, so has the range of products designed to make it a more comfortable experience for everyone. Elaborate canvas-covered grilling islands are available, but they're a bit pricey.

Less expensive steps can also help when inclement weather threatens. You can buy a relatively inexpensive "parking structure" for your gas grill. These structures typically hide the grill's wheels, frame and propane tank, but leave the grill portable. The structure looks more expensive than it is, and it provides storage space and a counter for food preparation and serving.

If you set up your cut-rate grilling island wisely, you can protect your grill against rainy weather in a few minutes. All you need is an easy-to-pitch canopy tent, a roof-and-metal-poles structure, with no sides. Often used by sports teams and at tailgate parties, such canopies are widely available.

Unlike an umbrella, the canopy won't need anyone to hold it, unless it's really windy. But it will bring people together, so the cook won't have to grill alone. Of course, you can use a canopy while you cook over any grill. A low-cost island isn't required.

A little rain won't stop your grilling. But what about wintry weather? Keep reading.

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