10 Tips for Grilling in Inclement Weather

Know Your Grill
Different grills can make grilling in bad weather easier.
Different grills can make grilling in bad weather easier.

The prime consideration when grilling in rainy weather is to keep your grill lit and the food dry. But those who grill in cold and windy weather should consider different grill types.

The increased interest in winter grilling has prompted the rise of "infrared" grills that run on propane or natural gas. Their high-tech burners can reach temperatures as high as 1,650 degrees Fahrenheit (849 degrees Celsius) [source: Fletcher]. Infrared grills can cost several thousand dollars, although you can find less expensive varieties available.

Infrared grills can overcome the cold-weather problem of prolonged grilling, but they're not the only way to grill well in frigid temperatures.

More familiar gas grills can do well. In fact, many people prefer gas grills to charcoal in wintry or windy weather because they start and heat up more quickly.

Charcoal lovers don't have to give up their grills in bad weather. They should, however, use one with a cover that closes and has easily controlled vents and dampers.

Whatever your grill, and whatever your weather issue, there are tricks that can help you grill as painlessly as possible. Read on to learn about them.

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