10 Tips for Making Perfect Cupcakes


Frost Away

Although it may not be fancy, few hungry dessert lovers would turn away a cupcake topped with a swirl of store-bought frosting. Basic frosting techniques are very easy to accomplish. Simply dip the top of each cupcake upside down in a bowl of frosting and twist. Be sure to cover the entire top to prevent cupcakes from losing their moistness.

For chefs with a talent for creating edible art, there are countless options when it comes to decorating cupcakes. These scarecrow cupcakes from HowStuffWorks are a festive fall dessert that only looks intricate -- with toasted coconut, chow mein noodles, shredded wheat cereal, assorted candies and decorating gel, you'll whip up a gourmet treat in no time. Kids with the cold weather blues will cheer up when making snowman cupcakes, using marshmallows, pretzels and peanut butter cups to create an edible version of Frosty. Truly ambitious chefs can make gourmet, dinner-party-ready cupcakes topped with crystallized flowers, made with actual flowers (be sure to determine which varieties are safe for cooking since some are poisonous), egg whites and superfine sugar [source: Reynolds Kitchens Cupcake Central].