5 Cuts of Meat that Taste Better Grilled


Pork and Beef Ribs

Some people might start ribs out in a pot of boiling water to make them more tender, but the grill or smoker should be the final destination for any rib recipe. Both pork and beef ribs are excellent on the grill if you give yourself enough time to make it happen. You can't rush ribs -- it will make the meat tough and difficult to get off the bone. This can also happen if your heat is up too high. "Slow and low" is the barbecue motto for a good reason. Set your grill to a medium heat, about 250 degrees Fahrenheit (121 degrees Celsius). The ribs can take as long as 90 minutes and should never take less than 45 minutes. Make sure to rotate the ribs and cook them meat side down for a good, evenly cooked result. Adding flavored chips to your fire will enhance the grilled flavor.