5 Cuts of Meat that Taste Better Grilled


Beef Skirt Steak

The skirt steak is cut from the inner diaphragm muscle of the cow. It's one of the cheaper cuts of steak you can buy, with its fatty lining and tough reputation. But skirt steak can be very tender, as long as you prepare it on the grill. It's a great steak to use in Mexican dishes like steak tacos or fajitas. Marinate your steak for at least three hours in your choice of marinade. Or, you can use a spicy Mexican dry rub made from dried cumin, chili powder, ancho and chipotle chilies, and a little cayenne. Minced onion is another good addition to any skirt steak marinade. The great thing about skirt steak on the grill is that it's quick. Get the grill nice and hot, about 350 degrees Fahrenheit (176.6 degrees Celsius), and cook the steak for about four minutes per side for a tender medium rare.