5 Great Kitchen Toys for Summer Cooking

By: Emilie Sennebogen

What's better than a summer barbecue? A summer barbecue with some new kitchen toys! See more extreme grilling pictures.
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'Twas the first day of summer and all through the 'hood, grills were fired up and it smelled so good. If you have visions of barbecue dancing in your head, then you'll be glad to know there are plenty of newfangled cooking tools on the market to help you make those dreams come true. Here are five great kitchen toys for summer cooking.


5: S'more Maker

Nothing says summer fun like s'mores. Gone are the days of threading marshmallows on a stick only to watch them slide into the fire just as they were reaching toasted perfection. This wire contraption lets you pre-build your s'more and snap it securely into its own holder. The whole gadget goes on the grill, and five minutes later you're enjoying your delectably gooey snack.


4: Flexible Skewers

Few things go better on the grill than shish kabobs.
Few things go better on the grill than shish kabobs.
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Kabobs on the grill are a favorite summer food, but the long straight skewers mean messy fingers, since you have to marinade the meats and veggies first. That was until some clever soul invented a flexible skewer that can bend and twist to fit in a baggie or bowl of marinade. It also helps you maximize space on the grill.


3: Ice Cream Balls

Making ice cream can be a lot of work, but did you realize you could make it in a ball and have a ball doing it? This fun gadget is about the size of a volleyball but is made of plastic. All you have to do is combine your ingredients and put the ball in motion. Roll it, spin it, play catch with it, and 30 minutes later you have delicious homemade ice cream.


2: Grill-top Popcorn Popper

No mess, no fuss popcorn.
No mess, no fuss popcorn.

Microwaves be warned: Popcorn is going old school. This clever gadget resembles the old Jiffy Pop containers but, you don't throw it away when you're finished. It can be used on the grill, stove top or over a campfire. The lid doubles as a serving bowl, making it a great tool for easy backyard snacks.


1: Cedar Planks

Forget marinades -- the new trend in cooking is to augment the existing flavors of a nice cut of meat. Enter cedar planks. They sit directly on your grill top and your dishes a smoky, sweet, cedar flavor. Cedar planks are primarily used for salmon, buy they're also great with other types of fish.


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