5 Indoor Grilling Tips

Not everyone has the luxury of a big outdoor grill. Sometimes, you have to improvise in the kitchen. See more extreme grilling pictures.

Firing up the grill is a great way to prepare healthy food and to add that smoky taste that only an open flame can provide. It's also a great way to entertain, with backyard barbecues being a three-season staple in the United States. Guests crack open a cold one and hang out around the grill, the aromas wafting through the air making the neighbors drool. Those are good times for sure, but what about the apartment dwellers of the world? Some apartment complexes may have a community area and grill, but good luck getting flame time on a nice summer evening. And many city dwellers don't have access at all. In this case, the only option may be the indoor grill. While it's no replacement for the real thing, it provides a decent alternative. Here are five tips for grilling indoors.