5 Indoor Grilling Tips


Avoid Using Metal

Keep metal away from your indoor grill.
Keep metal away from your indoor grill.

Most indoor grills have nonstick surfaces just like your stovetop pots and pans. And just as with your stovetop cookware, the surface of your indoor grill should be protected and treated the same way. Proper care of a nonstick surface usually includes not using harsh abrasive scrub sponges to clean it or soaking it in water for any extended period of time. It's also not a good idea to put your nonstick grill surface in a dishwasher. While these things will help protect the surface, it can all be undone if you use metal utensils when cooking. Using a metal spatula, even to simply turn a piece of chicken, will chip away your nonstick surface quickly. The same goes for tongs or grilling forks. Use only nonmetal utensils, ideally wood, although there are all kinds of high-heat plastic utensils available for use on your indoor grill.