5 Most Popular Barbecue Sauces


Lexington Dip

Some areas of North Carolina refer to their barbecue sauce as a "dip." Lexington Dip is quite similar to east Carolina sauce, but with the addition of tomato or ketchup and sugar. These serve to cut the vinegar flavor a bit and add a little sweetness.

Lexington sauce is thin, with a tart taste. Some describe it as "sweet and sour," from the balance of vinegar and tomato. This sauce is also brushed onto the meat while it cooks, with one last baste right before serving. Some people also like to serve it on the side to drizzle over the meat right before eating.

Lexington-style cole slaw is a popular side dish in the region. Rather than the traditional white coleslaw, it's slaw mixed with the same Lexington Dip. It offers a spicy bite on the side.