5 Steps to Indoor Grilling Goodness

Keep your grillmaster title -- even in the dead of winter.
Keep your grillmaster title -- even in the dead of winter.

Yes, smoking is grilling -- grilling at its flavorful best. It's amazing what a little charred hardwood sawdust can do for the flavor of just about anything. Indoor smokers sound messy, but they don't have to be. Wash everything promptly after use, and you'll keep the campfire smell to a minimum. For the most part, the smoke stays inside the housing to flavor the cooking meat (fish, poultry, vegetables or fruits) for a deep, rich flavor you'll swear came from expensive outdoor equipment. You can buy a sturdy indoor/outdoor unit for less than $100. Smokers don't need much wood or water to do the trick, either, so smoking can be one specialty cooking method you can explore without spending a fortune.

If you've ever had the itch to make your own smoked salmon or specialty sausage, stovetop smokers make the process fun and efficient. Look for a unit with a nonstick interior finish. It'll make cleanup easier and faster.

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