5 Steps to Indoor Grilling Goodness

Grilling Pans

For grilling on the cheap, nothing works better than a grilling pan. This specially designed stovetop skillet is ridged to create impressive crosshatch grill marks. You don't lose much flavor when you use a grill pan, either. Sure, some of the smoky aroma is absent, but you'll get a great sear that seals in meat juices. The ridges will keep the meat away from the grease, too, making the results less oily.

What grilling pans lose in authenticity, they make up for in convenience. Using one is like using any other skillet. Unlike a countertop grill, a grilling pan will store easily in the corner of a cabinet, too. We recommend nonstick or cast iron varieties. With non-stick you have easy cleanup, but cast iron has a rock solid feel and holds in the heat. If you do opt for cast iron, pay the extra pennies for a pre-seasoned pan. It'll save you the effort of conditioning and sealing the cooking surface yourself.