10 Ways Better Appliances Lead to Better Cooking

Cooking might be a key to human evolution.
Cooking might be a key to human evolution.
David Sacks/Getty Images

Most people think what sets humans apart from chimps is just 4 percent of our DNA. It turns out, it's also our roast turkey, baked potatoes and sautéed asparagus.

According to a Harvard anthropologist, cooking is the key to human evolution [source: NPR]. And if cooking is uniquely human, our cooking must say something about us: Are we fancy? Simple? Creative?

Are we nukers?

Whatever our food-preparation methods indicate about our personalities, one thing is clear: There's always room for improvement. Since few of us have time for cooking school in our busy schedules, perhaps the easiest way to up our skills is by upgrading our tools. Here are 10 of the best cooking-appliance upgrades for improving the finished product. (Who knows, it could even make us better humans in the process.)