10 Ways Better Appliances Lead to Better Cooking

Stand Mixers Offer Power

If you do much baking, you probably have a mixer of some sort. It's hard to cream butter and sugar without one. If you've been getting by with a hand mixer, you might consider upgrading to stand mixer to improve your baking.

A stand mixer -- that heavy unit with the bowl that locks in place and spins beneath the spinning attachments -- has two big things going for it: power and ease. It has a lot more juice than a hand mixer, which means you can get egg whites even frothier for that meringue pie. It also typically has more speed settings, so you can be more exact in your preparations.

In terms of ease, there's simply no comparison. A stand mixer spins on its own, so aside from the occasionally scraping of the bowl, you're free to work on other parts of the recipe while the mixer does its thing. Plus, there are lots of instances where, for the best results, you need to add an ingredient slowly while you mix, which can be difficult to do with a hand mixer. A stand mixer was made for that type of job.

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